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Thruxton Tubeless Spoked Alpina Wheel


Thruxton Tubeless Spoked Alpina Wheel

1 549.00 €
Net without TAX
  • Increased resistance to drilling
  • Increase in performance and handling
  • Lower weight of the rotating mass
  • Supports high stress
  • Reducing the consumption of tires

  • Increases puncture resistance
  • Tyre explosion is minimized
  • Overheating damage, due to friction between inner tube and cover tyre, is eliminated
  • Spoked wheels are indestructible and able to cope with heavy impact stress without bending
  • Cover rotation on the rim creates no danger of valve being ripped out

  • No dispersion of energy caused by inner tube cover tyre friction

  • The absence of the tubes, allows a loss of weight of about 1,5 Kg for each wheel set
  • The rotating bulk is reduced due to the elimination of peripheral wheel bulk. This optimizes the acceleration and both the rider handiness and the brake system

  • The wheel doesn’t require any particular maintenance, except the usual balance wheel register and tyre substitution.
  • There are no longer any easily damageable parts
  • The mounting and removal of the tyres, is safer and more practical





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